These kids were being bullied. Then a photographer transformed them into Avengers superheroes

Photographer Josh Rossi transformed 15 bullied children and teens into the Avengers. His message is simple: "Being different is cool."

(CNN)His classmates called him "a monster" and "a freak."

Eight-year-old Jackson Bezzant has Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare facial condition that makes him look different than other kids. The teasing got so intense, Jackson asked his parents for a mask.
Instead, they took him to photographer Josh Rossi, who helped him find his true identity -- as a superhero.
Jackson donned a Captain America uniform and struck a bold pose. His eyes blazed with defiance, ready to battle his ultimate villain -- bullying.
    Eight-year-old Jackson Bezzant poses as Captain America in Josh Rossi's Avengers-themed photo series. Knowing that people support him has boosted Jackson's confidence, his dad said.
    Bezzant is one of 15 children Rossi photographed for his latest pictorial series, inspired by the new Avengers film, "Infinity War." The children came from around the country to a studio in Utah for photo sessions.
    Each young hero has a unique story. But they share a single, powerful message: Being different is cool.

    When goodwill meets photography

    Rossi became known for transforming six disabled and seriously ill children into s