donald trump personal cell phone use
Trump cell phone use raises security concerns
02:28 - Source: CNN
Washington CNN  — 

Two Democratic lawmakers are inquiring about the steps the White House is taking to make sure President Donald Trump’s personal communications are protected after it was reported that Trump has ramped up the use of his personal cell phone.

Wednesday morning, Reps. Ted Lieu of California and Ruben Gallego of Arizona sent a letter asking the heads of the White House Communications Agency, the Secret Service and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence several questions about their security protocol for the President’s communications.

Among the questions for the WHCA, the congressmen ask if Trump is tweeting from a vetted, secure device to deter “spearfishing,” if his phone is prevented from joining open and vulnerable wireless networks, if his personal communications are encrypted, and if his personal phone is screened after traveling abroad.

In addition, the letter asks the ODNI if Trump leaves his personal phone outside a secured briefing room during classified briefings and if their office has conducted a review of threats posed by his personal phone use. It also asks the Secret Service what steps the organization is taking to ensure Trump’s safety is not compromised through geolocation “or other means.”