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The PackIt Freezable Breastmilk & Formula Cooler is the product new moms need

Tote breastmilk and baby formula without having to carry a heavy cooler of ice

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September is the most common month for babies to be born. If that fact stands this year, many expectant moms are prepping for their baby’s arrival. And the baby’s nutrition is crucial. In the first six months of a baby’s life, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends breastfeeding if both the mother and baby are able. If not, there are countless nutritious baby formulas on the market. Regardless of which route you choose when feeding your baby, it’s essential that pumped breastmilk and formula are stored and kept fresh while on the go.

That’s where the PackIt Freezable Breastmilk & Formula Cooler ($21.99; comes in handy. This particular product, along with PackIt’s other genius gear, requires zero ice packs. Instead, this bag uses PackIt’s innovative patented cooling technology, meaning you can flatten and store it in the freezer overnight (at least 12 hours) and it’ll be ready to go in the morning. No ice cubes needed.


Given the chaos that can come with being a new parent, this cooler offers a simple, smart solution to parenting. There’s no hassling with heavy coolers full of melting ice. Plus, the interior wipes clean for easy maintenance.

One thing to note: these bags do not come with bottles, but each bag holds four 5-ounce Medala nursing bottles ($31 for pack of two;

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