Settle in with these weekend reads

(CNN)Turning felons into feminists. Saving dogs from drugs. Here's what you missed during a busy news week.

An American woman says her husband forced her and her two kids to join him as he fought for ISIS in Syria. She recounts how he abused her, raped teenage slaves and made her son participate in ISIS propaganda. Now that her husband is dead, she's looking for a way home.
    A teacher who was killed in the Parkland shooting used to call his mom every day. Now his mother hears from a student he helped save -- and they've formed a powerful bond.
    Inside an all-male prison, an unlikely rehabilitation program is giving a group of convicted felons a new lease on life -- all they have to do is challenge everything they've been taught about what it means to "be a man." Watch the documentary on CNNgo.
    Crime in Colorado has been on the rise since 2014. That also happens to be the same year the state legalized recreational pot. Whether the two are connected is hotly contested -- and if they are, the governor says he might rethink things.
    Under the current US electoral system, a Californian's vote simply does not carry the same weight as the vote of someone in a smaller state. Now, a proposal to split California into three new states is likely to find its way before voters in November.
    While Beyoncé was about to invoke black history at Coachella, Trump was rolling back legislation for fair pay and black men were arrested while sitting in Starbucks. Roxanne Jones writes that the superstar sends a message that counters what society tells us.
    Police dogs are overdosing on new narcotics they sniff out in the line of duty, and ingesting even a tiny amount of these drugs can kill them. Anthropologist Jane Desmond writes about a possible solution.