Inside Raul Castro's Cuba

As Cuba's president for the past decade, Raul Castro has allowed the Caribbean island nation to open to the world and to limited free market reforms, but always with the aim of maintaining the revolution that he and older brother Fidel Castro championed their whole lives.
Raul Castro lifted prohibitions on cell phones and increased Internet access for Cubans, but tight controls still exist on Cuba's state-run media and the Communist Party is the only permitted political body on the island.
The US and Cuba restored diplomatic ties in 2015 after more than 50 years, but mistrust and the Cold War still seem to define the US-Cuba relationship.
As Raul Castro prepares to step down as president of Cuba, CNN's Patrick Oppmann, who has lived in Havana for the past six years, offers us a look from inside, as Cuba and Cubans adapt to long-awaited changes.
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