Sean Hannity-Michael Cohen SPLIT
Washington CNN  — 

We thought the big news to come out of Michael Cohen’s hearing on Monday in New York City would be porn star Stormy Daniels’ presence in the courtroom.

It turned out to be so much more.

We knew Cohen had a handful of clients at the time his law office, home and hotel room were raided by the FBI last week. And we knew the identities of two of them:

  1. President Donald Trump was one. The two men have long been close – Cohen is a fixer of sorts for Trump.
  2. Cohen also represented Elliott Broidy in his $1.6 million payoff of a former Playboy model who says the prominent GOP donor got her pregnant.

But until Monday afternoon, we didn’t know the identity of Cohen’s third client – since the mystery client asked to remain anonymous. 

That’s when Judge Kimba Wood – yes, that Kimba Wood – ruled that attorney-client privilege did not prohibit Cohen from revealing the identity of his third client. (The hearing was designed to consider Cohen’s request that prosecutors not be allowed to examine materials seized in last week’s raid.)

And the name of the third client is….


Shortly after Cohen’s forced disclosure, Hannity confirmed that “I have sought legal advice from Michael.”  

So. Many. Questions. (Why did Hannity retain Cohen’s services? For how long? Why did he never disclose their connection on air?)

The Point: If I wrote a screenplay in which a lawyer/fixer had only three clients – the President of the United States, a major GOP donor trying to cover up allegations of impregnating a Playmate and Sean Hannity – roughly ZERO major or minor studios would buy that script, considering how improbable it all is. And rightly so! Yet here we are.