'Think like a proton' and other witty signs from the March for Science

Updated 10:05 PM ET, Sat April 14, 2018

(CNN)March for Science crowds may have been smaller compared with last year. But their signs were just as entertaining.

While the main event took place in Washington on Saturday, people around the world turned out at more than 230 satellite events. Some marched. Some rallied. Others hosted science exhibitions.
No matter where you were, it wasn't hard to find a witty sign to help you embrace your inner nerd. Let's look at a few.

'The only culture some people have'

Wow. If people in Munich, Germany, can find culture only in a laboratory petri dish, it must get pretty lonely.

'I want YOU to SCIENCE'

Just like how Uncle Sam wanted some of us to join the US Army, NASA astronaut Mae Jemison wants us to get our science on, whether it's in Los Angeles or outer space.

'dt = wtf²'

It looks like the people of Portland, Oregon, are getting creative with physics equations these days. Hmm, "dt" -- what could that stand for? Distance and time? Diameter and time? Donald Trump?

'Think like a proton. Always positive'

We should all be like this little girl in Durban, South Africa, and think like those tiny subatomic particles that give off positive electric charge. Then we can have positive attitudes all day long.

'I can't believe I'm marching to save reality'

Don't worry, Washington, some of us still can't believe it's not butter.

'I only march periodically'

The conductors (aka marchers) in Portland, Oregon, have done a pretty good job at resisting the electrical currents in Washington.

'What I stand for is what I stand on'

    This is good. New York knows where it stands. It stands on the Earth.