Los Angeles Times: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti says 'we're the same as Iowa'

(CNN)Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti drew a comparison between coastal California and the Midwestern state of Iowa, saying, "We're the same as Iowa," The Los Angeles Times reports.

"These divisions that there's the heartland and the coast to me are B.S.," Garcetti said in remarks ahead of a news conference in Sacramento, according to the newspaper.
Garcetti, who has previously said he is "thinking" about a 2020 presidential bid, is slated to travel to Iowa this week.
"Los Angeles is the heartland, and Iowa is the cutting edge," Garcetti went on to say, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday. In attempting to liken Los Angeles, as well as the state of California, to Iowa, he said: "They are a manufacturing capital like we are. They're a farm state; we're a farm state. I think we struggle with the same things: Will politicians listen to us? Will we have a country that brings us together rather than rips us apart?
    "I think people probably imagine, as I've said before, that we're mostly a city full of Kardashians and reality stars," Garcetti said, according to the newspaper. "We're actually everyday folks who are nurses and bus drivers and factory workers and firefighters, and we need to get back to work. We need a country that is not about driving people apart, but about multiplying our success."
    Yusef Robb, a spokesman for Garcetti, told CNN by phone, "All of us in America are in the same boat when it comes to being disserved by a dysfunctional Washington, whether it's in terms of health care or economic security. America is so strong because of how unique we are in terms of geography, people and culture, but we are very much the same when it comes to the dysfunction and disservice coming out of Washington."