Migrant caravan in Mexico

Published 12:38 PM ET, Mon April 9, 2018
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A boy says goodbye to a friend through the windshield of a bus in Matias Romero, Mexico, on Thursday, April 5. Central American migrants taking part in an annual caravan were boarding buses to Mexico City and the nearby city of Puebla. The caravan's primary goal is to "flee Central America" and seek asylum within Mexico or the United States, according to Alex Mensing, who works for the group that organizes the caravan. This year's journey is getting more attention than usual after a series of tweets from US President Donald Trump. Felix Marquez/AP
The Zelaya siblings -- from left, Daniela, Anderson and Nayeli -- huddle together on a soccer field in Matias Romero on Wednesday, April 4. Their father, Elmer, said the family is awaiting temporary transit visas that would allow them to continue to the US border, where they hope to request asylum and join relatives in New York. Related story: These are the migrants crossing Mexico Felix Marquez/AP
Central American migrants ride a freight train in Matias Romero on Sunday, April 1. Jordi Ruiz Cirera/Bloomberg via Getty Images
This marks the fifth caravan organized by the group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders. This year's caravan is the largest yet, numbering more than 1,000 people. A large number are from Honduras, where organized crime fuels widespread violence and protesters recently took to the streets after a contested election. VICTORIA RAZO/AFP/Getty Images
Migrants rest along a road in the Mexican town of Santiago Niltepec on Sunday, April 1. Jordi Ruiz Cirera/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Men take bucket showers at a sports club in Matias Romero on April 4. Felix Marquez/AP
Dozens of migrants sleep at the sports club in Matias Romero on April 3. Felix Marquez/AP