A Carl's Jr. employee sprang into action to help a victim of the YouTube shooting

Michael Finney, a Carl's Jr. employee in San Bruno, California, was quick to help when a woman with a gunshot wound entered the restaurant.

(CNN)A Carl's Jr. employee was quick to act when a woman wounded in the YouTube shooting was helped into the fast-food restaurant Tuesday afternoon.

"They took her into Carl's Jr. where they put her on the table, and we were trying to fix her wound," Michael Finney told CNN affiliate KPIX.
Finney knew he needed to find something to help stop the bleeding from the gunshot wound in her leg.
"I was looking everywhere. We didn't, you know, have the right tools," Finney said. "I saw the bungee cord and I was like, 'Wow, maybe I can do this.'"
    With the help of another man, Finney used the bungee cord to assemble a makeshift tourniquet on the woman's leg. About 10 minutes later, paramedics arrived and helped her onto a stretcher.
    "She's a strong woman. She was not nervous, not too nervous, very relaxed. I don't think she was in shock or anything like that," said Finney.
      A Carl's Jr. representative confirmed to CNN that Finney is an employee at their San Bruno, California, restaurant and that they "are proud of the quick action taken by Michael."
      Three people were shot and wounded when Nasim Najafi Aghdam opened fire at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno on Tuesday, according to police. Aghdam took her own life shortly after.