'Ace of Cakes' star gets engaged with twine

Chef Duff Goldman says he's sorry he didn't have a real ring on such short notice.

Story highlights

  • Chef Duff Goldman posts photo of twine "ring" on Instagram
  • He professes his love for girlfriend Johnna Colbry

(CNN)We suspect Duff Goldman is forgiven for not producing a ring.

The "Ace of Cakes" chef popped the question to girlfriend Johnna Colbry in what he said was a pretty quick decision.
Goldman posted about the engagement Monday on his official Instagram account. He said he woke up Sunday like any other day "when like a mule kick to the heart I realized that I am absolutely in love with Johnna ( @letushear ) and I can't imagine living another day without her in my life."
    "She is kind, funny, smart, beautiful, cool, wise, and sexy," he wrote in the caption of a photo showing him holding Colbry's hand, which had a piece of twine tied around her ring finger.
    "She's a tempest of feeling. I didn't plan this out, it just happened and it was so glaringly obvious that I couldn't have stopped it if I wanted to. I asked her to marry me."
    The "Spring Baking Championship" judge talked about his happiness and went on to profess his love for his future wife.
    "I love you muffin," Goldman wrote. "I love every scar. I love the way you smell."
    As for the twine "ring"?
    "I'm sorry I didn't have a real ring," Goldman wrote. "I hope you don't mind butcher's twine, I am a chef, after all."