Nominate a Positive Athlete FAQ

What is HLN's Positive Athlete?
Positive Athlete promotes positivity in high-school athletes by profiling selected students on HLN and The program encourages a positive life approach and celebrates student-athletes across America who have accomplished or continue to accomplish the extraordinary by overcoming difficult circumstances, giving back to their communities, or having an infectious attitude that positively affects those around them.
What is Celebrate Positive?
Celebrate Positive is an independent organization focused on the development of movements, events, programs, and licensed merchandise/apparel brands with a consistent theme of positivity.
What is the difference between Celebrate Positive and HLN'S Positive Athlete?
HLN's recognition program is separate from the Positive Athlete awards in Georgia and Pittsburgh, which are managed by Celebrate Positive. While the partnership is based on shared values, the selection process is handled independently. To learn more about Celebrate Positive's selection process, please visit
Who is eligible to be considered for Positive Athlete?
Nominations must be in the name of a single individual, enrolled in high school and participating in an organized sport, whose accomplishment occurred (or continues) while in high-school. Students must reside in the USA.
Can I nominate myself?
How will I know if my Positive Athlete is selected?
Because of the high volume of nominations received, we cannot respond individually to each submission. However, if your nomination advances, we will contact you and your nominee through the contact information you provide.
What if I don't know my nominee's address, email and telephone number?
Please make every effort to provide as much contact information as possible. We require either an email address or telephone number so we may quickly contact your nominee to obtain permission for consideration as a Positive Athlete.
May I mail or fax my nomination?
No. All nominations must be submitted online through our website.
Where can I see Positive Athlete videos?
You can view the selected student-athlete stories on HLN and
Can I nominate more than one student-athlete?
How is a winner chosen?
Positive Athlete is chosen by a panel appointed by CNN's and HLN's editorial team.
When can I nominate a Positive Athlete?
Anyone can nominate a high school student-athlete for any sport at any time between now and July 31, 2018.
What do I get if I win?
If selected, CNN and HLN may profile the Positive Athlete on HLN and
What if my nomination form is rejected?
When filling out your form, please note that certain information is required. Those fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
CNN is not responsible for technical problems that may prevent your submission from being successfully transmitted. You may wish to first write and save the answers in a word-processing document. That way, if you need to resubmit your nomination, you can cut and paste those answers into the form and avoid having to rewrite them.