Eric Holder
CNN  — 

Former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that he will make a decision on running for president in 2020 by the beginning of next year.

“I don’t know. We’ll see. I haven’t decided yet,” Holder said on the Viceland show “Desus & Mero” when asked about running in 2020.

He continued, “What I’ve said is, I’m going to decide by the beginning of next year and see if there is going to be another chapter in my public service career. We’ll see.”

Holder has remained active in politics during the Trump era. He currently chairs the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, a liberal group focused on the issue of gerrymandering.

His comments come after he laid out in an interview with The New York Times Wednesday the reasons for and against a presidential run.

“If I were gonna do it, I would do it because I think – I would have concluded that I could maybe unify the country,” Holder said.

“On the negative side, I’ve been in public life for a fair amount of years. I remember some unpleasant hearings with some congressmen who are now leaving – I’m gonna miss them,” he added. “And you know, to subject myself and my family to that again would be, that could be a negative.”

On “Desus & Mero” Thursday, Holder also expressed some restlessness when asked about life outside of politics.

“Actually, you watch the news, and you want to be in it. Because I mean, I see what Jeff Sessions is doing at the Justice Department. I’d like to be able to make sure that the things he’s doing would not happen,” he said.