20 major news stories you might have forgotten about this week

Washington (CNN)Days are marathons, weeks are eons and months are eternities in the helter-skelter Trump era, as we've documented before. So our weekly roundup of the events -- compiled by CNN's Brenna Williams -- that occurred in national politics to help you weary readers recall everything you've already forgotten, covers quite a few topics.

Remember when Stormy Daniels said she was threatened to keep quiet about Donald Trump? That was on "60 Minutes" on Sunday. A theme we'll continue to chart is how Trump's legal problems butt up against his lawyer problems: The legal issues being both lawsuits that range from Stormy Daniels to the emoluments clause of the Constitution and, separately, the persistent and ongoing special counsel investigation into possible Russian election meddling. The lawyer problem is that he can't find many top lawyers who will work for him.
Hidden here and there are some policy stories of great import. You probably missed how the Trump Administration is changing the way undocumented immigrants interact with social services provided by the US government. That's a very big deal. And so is the move to ask a citizenship question on the US Census. Oh, and a Cabinet official was forced out. Trump picked his own doctor to take over the vacant spot. Without further ado, your refresher on all that happened in Washington this week: