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When a dark green train adorned with yellow stripes was spotted traveling toward Beijing on Monday, rumors began to swirl that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was on board.

Those rumors were later confirmed and pictures began to emerge showing Kim on his first foreign trip since assuming power in 2011, meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping and other high-level Chinese officials.

North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) has now published footage revealing new details of the historic trip.

The train – which appears to be the same one used by Kim’s father and grandfather – made its first stop Sunday in China at Dandong, a city close to the border and around 840 kilometers (520 miles) from Beijing by road.

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Kim's wife Ri Sol Ju is shown holding a bouquet of flowers given to her husband on their arrival in Dandong.

A group of Chinese officials met the train at Dandong and boarded one of the carriages to greet Kim, who was seen smiling and posing for the cameras as he was handed a bouquet of flowers, which were then passed to his wife Ri Sol Ju.

Along with Kim and his wife, the North Korean delegation included leading members of the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Committee.

The Chinese officials who boarded the train included China’s ambassador to North Korea, Li Jinjun, and the head of the International Liaison Department of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, Song Tao, according to KCNA.

Chinese officials hold a meeting with Kim on the train at Dandong.
Chinese envoy Song Tao led the delegation that met Kim at Dandong.

Seated in two rows of pink couches on either side of the train carriage, Kim opposite Tao, the two groups held talks.

Three members of the Chinese delegation – including Tao and Jinjun – stayed on the train and traveled with Kim on the next leg of his journey, to Beijing, according to KCNA.

As the train departed Dandong, the footage shows the other Chinese officials who stayed behind waving to Kim – and Kim waving back.

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Chinese officials wave goodbye as Kim's train departs Dandong.

Arriving in Beijing on Tuesday, Kim was welcomed by the Chinese military and a red carpet. More bouquets awaited the leader and his wife as they alighted from the train and were met by officials from the ruling Communist Party of China, the footage shows.

Cameras flashed and the military stood to attention as Kim and his wife led the delegation down a platform adorned with a red carpet.