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North, South Korea to hold high-level talks
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It’s Friday, and here are five things to know for your new day.

1. Gun debate

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Former NK negotiator: They won't give up nukes

2. Hope Hicks

Trump wants to replace Shulkin with White House physician Ronny Jackson, who in a briefing this year strongly defended the President’s health and mental fitness. That performance reportedly pleased Trump. But there are big questions about whether Jackson, despite his medical and military experience, has the right qualifications to lead the government’s second-largest department.

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Dr. Ronny Jackson praises Trump's health (2018)

3. Syria

She’s home, for the first time in almost six years. Malala Yousafzai, the 20-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner and activist, returned early this morning to Pakistan. The surprise visit is her first since militants, angry over her advocacy for girls education, almost killed her in a shooting attack. Security around her is heavy. Many in Pakistan see Yousafzai as a hero, but others still think she’s an agitator who should be silenced. After arriving, Yousafzai, a student at Oxford University, met with Pakistan’s Prime Minister.

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Malala Yousafzai is going to Oxford University (2017)

4. Canada & India

Stephon Clark’s funeral is today. Sacramento police and the Kings, are prepping for more protests, including possibly at the NBA arena, where police plan to have a heightened presence tonight. The Rev. Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy for Clark, the unarmed father whose death at the hands of police more than a week ago has roiled the California city.

The White House is taking some heat after press secretary Sarah Sanders – when asked about Clark’s shooting and the recent decision not to prosecute the officers in the Alton Sterling shooting – said such incidents are “a local matter” best left to local authorities. Meanwhile, new videos of the Sterling shooting – described as “very graphic” are set to be released.

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Clark atty. to Sanders: It's a national issue

5. West Virginia teacher strike

Arizona teachers' protest 3-28-18


First light

Want to let the young ‘uns go outside or (gasp) walk to the store – alone? Then move to Utah, where it’s OK for parents to let their kids go “free range.”

01:24 - Source: KSTU
Utah passes bill for 'free range' kids

Football firsts

The NFL may ditch kickoffs (because of injuries), and the LA Rams hired the league’s first male cheerleaders. Who says the No Fun League doesn’t innovate?

Survivor’s wish come true

After beating cancer, what else could a boy wish for? How about a kiss on the forehead from the Pope.

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Watch boy who survived cancer get Pope's kiss

Today in facepalm

A Planned Parenthood chapter in Pennsylvania tweeted, “We need a disney princess who’s had an abortion.” We don’t have to tell you how that went over.

We’re not saying they’re aliens, but …

A couple of pilots flying over Arizona told the FAA they saw a UFO. That’d be a lot more credible if they’d been over New Mexico.

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Pilots say they saw UFO pass over them

Give ‘em a little twist

Everybody’s roasting Rudy Giuliani for wearing his AirPods incorrectly. But admit it, you didn’t wear them right the first time either. 

giuliani upside down airpods moos erin pkg_00001026



The amount of the loan package a federal judge OK’d for Remington to keep the struggling gunmaker afloat

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American gun maker files for bankruptcy

18.2 million

The number of viewers who tuned in for the big reboot of “Roseanne”

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Roseanne Barr: My character voted for Trump


“We’re not doing the beauty contest.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook, saying Apple’s quest to find another campus won’t look anything like Amazon’s chaotic contest to find a second headquarters

01:48 - Source: CNNMoney
Apple takes on Google in schools with new iPad


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