Heart disease risk may show in your earlobes, eyes, fingers

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  • Creased earlobes and clubbed fingernails are linked to higher heart disease risk
  • Other risks include halo around the iris and fatty bumps under the skin

The heart, so integral to life, sits in its protective cage in the chest, going about its work without any external sign to the owner.

In the West, where one in four people die of cardiovascular disease, the importance of keeping the heart in good working order is hard to overstate. Sadly, the first sign many people have that their heart isn't in good working order is when they have a heart attack.
Although you can't see your heart beating in your chest -- not without specialist imaging technology, at least -- there are visible, external signs that can indicate if something is wrong with your heart, before you suffer from a life-changing -- or ending -- "cardiovascular event".

    1. Creased earlobes

    One such external indicator is d