5 things for March 28: North Korea & China, Sacramento, water park death, new organ

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Kim Jong Un makes surprise visit to China
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1. Gun debate

Kim Jong Un really did make that rumored trip to China. And the North Korean leader reportedly talked about getting rid of his country’s nukes with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Chinese state media reported Kim said he’s committed to denuclearization – with conditions; North Korean state media reported Xi accepted an invitation to visit Kim in Pyongyang. Experts think Kim made the trip to Beijing because he’ll need support from North Korea’s closest ally before possible meetings with the Presidents of South Korea and the US.

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Mystery train: is North Korea's Kim aboard?

2. Hope Hicks

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Shooting victim's brother interrupts meeting (2018)

3. Syria

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Deadly fire engulfs shopping mall in Russia

4. Canada & India

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10-year-old boy dies on 17-story waterslide

5. West Virginia teacher strike

Know much about the interstitium? We don’t either. Apparently, it’s the fluid-filled spaces within and between tissues all over your body. And some researchers consider it to be an organ, perhaps the body’s biggest. Say what? Doctors and scientists have known about interstitial tissue and interstitial fluid, but a new study in the journal Scientific Reports raises the possibility that it could be an organ (though not everybody’s convinced). The study also suggests the interstitium may play a role in the spread of cancer cells.


First light

Things may actually get a little brighter at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, now that ex-Disney star Caroline Sunshine is joining the White House press shop.

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Former Disney star joins the White House

At face value

Playboy’s leaving Facebook over the data-sharing scandal. You know it’s bad when a “gentlemen’s” mag says your values contradict theirs.

Deal of a couple of lifetimes

A big blue diamond, passed through European royalty for hundreds of years, goes on sale for the first time in Switzerland.

farnese blue diamond 1

Nope burger

Carl’s Jr. wanted to put out a “SpielBurger” to honor Steven Spielberg. They assumed he’d be “cool with it.” They were all kinds of wrong.

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How Steven Spielberg stays inspired



That’s how much Facebook has lost in market value since the data-sharing scandal broke almost two weeks ago.

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Is there a safe way to use Facebook?


“I’ve put my life in danger.”

Olympic legend Michael Phelps, calling for the US Olympic Committee to do more to help athletes struggling with depression. Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, says his successes at each Olympic Games were followed by drug and alcohol use.

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Michael Phelps shares battle with depression


Back and forth

Who’s up for trick shots? Logan Broadbent, a world champion boomerang thrower (yes, that’s really a thing), and friends wow us with their skills. (Click to view.)