Donald Trump March 23, 2018
Washington CNN  — 

Monday feels like a decade ago.

Time in Trumpworld seems to slow as huge news story after huge news story forms, crests, crashes and recedes – only to be followed by an even bigger one right on its heels.

Every Friday on the Point, I run through ALL of the major headlines of the week – just so you can remember (and I can remember) exactly what happened.

This week set a record (President Trump will be happy to hear that!) with 29 major headlines. 29! They’re broken down below by day (thank you, Brenna Williams!).






The Point: The sheer volume of news that Trump creates – intentionally or unintentionally (or both) – is mind-boggling and mind-numbing all at once. The tendency when faced with such a firehose of news is to tune out. You shouldn’t.  We are living in momentous times and paying attention – even when it’s tough – matters.