Liver transplant saves one teen, but identical twin dies

Identical twins Devin, left, and Nicholas Coats of Slidell, Louisiana.

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  • Just over 50% of Americans are registered as organ donors
  • There are about 115,000 people currently waiting for an organ transplant in the US

(CNN)Eighteen-year-old Nicholas Coats died Monday night after doctors said he was too sick to receive a lifesaving liver donation, his family said.

Coats and his identical twin, Devin, of Slidell, Louisiana, were both diagnosed with a severe form of liver cirrhosis in March 2017. The cirrhosis was thought to be caused by a rare genetic mutation shared by the brothers, their mother said.
"It was not his fault, but ultimately, he paid the price because of it," said Margi Coats, the boys' mother. "My son had big aspirations for life. He wanted to go to Texas A&M to go to engineering school. He was smart.
    "Now, his life is cut short because of the lack of donors," she believes, "and with the millions of people we have in this country, there's no sense in it."
    Devin was able to receive a liver transplant this year. However, Nick was deemed ineligible for a transplant at the time because his liver was not damaged enough to place him on the donor registry, Coats said.
    While waiting for his liver condition to worsen, Nick developed angiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer of the blood vessels that probably originated in his damaged liver, his mother said.
    A match for Nick was found in February, but by that point, it was too late. Doctors would no longer proceed with the transplant due to the metastasized cancer, his mother said. Had the pool of available donors been larger, he may have been eligible for a transplant in time to save his life, she believes.
    "From what I understand, they cannot give organs to somebody that's already fighting another disease. They want it to go to a healthy person," she added.
    "So with his cancer, that kind of put him on the back burner."
    Nick died surrounded by his family and loved ones. His funeral is set for Wednesday.
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