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Colbert on Omarosa
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Late night comics take on Omarosa
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(CNN) —  

Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes important decisions all the time in her position as a Supreme Court Justice.

And she has finally weighed in on an issue that’s tearing America apart – declaring that a hot dog is, in fact, classified as a sandwich.

On Wednesday night’s ”The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” the comedian pumped iron with the notoriously in shape 85-year-old justice, but before hitting the gym, the two sat down to discuss important issues and decisions.

Colbert brought up one of “the most divisive issues in our country”: whether a hot dog is truly a sandwich.

“Is a hot dog a sandwich?” Colbert asked Ginsburg, to which she quickly replies, “You tell me what a sandwich is and then I’ll tell you if a hot dog is a sandwich.”

Colbert goes on to tell the justice that a sandwich is “two pieces of bread with almost any type of filling in between – as long as it’s not more bread.”

She pressed him for more information. “You said two pieces of bread,” Ginsburg said. “Does that include a roll that’s cut open but still not completely?”

“That gets immediately to the question: Does the roll need to be separated into two parts?” Colbert asked, then pointed out that a sub sandwich is, as its name implies, a sandwich – “and yet, in the case of a sub, the bread is not split apart,” he explained, before asking for a final time, “So then, a hot dog is also a sandwich?”

Ginsburg, confident in her decision, replied by saying, “On your definition, yes, it is.”

After their debate, the two hit the gym accompanied by Ginsburg’s trainer, where the justice showed off her workout regimen.

“How strong are you on the Second Amendment? Because welcome to the gun show,” Colbert remarked at one point amid videos of the two lifting weights and doing planks.

“I had reached my decision in the case of RBG versus kicking-ass: not only can the justice last another five years on the bench, I believe she could have killed Tupac,” Colbert joked in reference to Ginsburg’s nickname, “Notorious RBG,” a nod to the rapper “The Notorious B.I.G.”

Ginsburg is a two-time cancer survivor. In 2017, the book “The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong … and You Can Too!” was released by her personal trainer, Bryant Johnson, and gives readers a peek at her workouts.

Ginsburg hired law clerks in early 2018, which indicated she has plans to stay on the court at least through 2020.