01:19 - Source: CNN
Flake, Booker face off in snowball duel
Washington CNN  — 

Capitol Hill is no stranger to partisan clashes, but on Thursday, the East Lawn saw a different kind of battle: a snowball fight.

Sens. Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, and Jeff Flake, R-Arizona, ventured outside Thursday morning for a “snowball duel.”

The stakes: Loser would have to buy pizza for the winner’s staff.

Booker announced he lost the duel to Flake.

“With great ignominy I have to announce I lost the snowball fight 3 to 2,” he wrote. “I’m buying the pizza for his office … . I neglected to tell him though that I am definitely sending a vegan pizza or two.”

Another tweet from Booker showed the two men backs turned, walking away from each other in true duel fashion as described in the hit broadway musical “Hamilton.”

“I should have known this was a setup… lost this morning’s snowball duel to a guy named Flake from Snowflake, Arizona!” Booker added.

Earlier, the two tweeted about the upcoming face-off, with Booker comparing it to Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton.

“Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton had theirs. @JeffFlake (Senator Jeff Flake) and I are having our version: A snowball duel. Capitol East Lawn,” Booker tweeted. Booker also noted that his rival represents Arizona, a state generally lacking in snow.

“You Snow Who Is Going To Win! Arizona doesn’t have much snow!” he added.

Flake praised Booker’s form.

“It wasn’t exactly Hamilton-Burr, or even Trump-Biden, but it was a monumental battle. @CoryBooker’s drop & roll maneuver was legit,” he said.

A nor’easter brought several inches of snow to Washington on Wednesday, but lawmakers have remained on the Hill working toward a spending deal.