Spending bill would raise federal jury duty pay

Washington (CNN)The massive congressional spending bill that would fund the federal government through September includes a proposal that would increase the daily rate for someone who serves on federal jury duty.

If the spending bill is passed, it would raise the daily rate for someone serving on federal jury duty from $40 to $50 a day.
It's a bipartisan provision that came after two dozen federal jurors in Washington, DC, requested House and Senate judiciary committee members to raise the pay, calling the current pay was "abysmal."
One of the jurors organizing the effort, Elliott Negin, wrote a letter to the judiciary panels asking for the raise, asking for at least minimum wage, which is $12.50 in Washington, according to The Washington Post last fall.
    "It's good news that Congress recognized that federal grand jurors are underpaid. The last time it increased the daily rate was back in 1990," Negin told CNN. "That said, the extra $10 a day does not keep up with inflation or even with how much Congress has increased its own pay over that time..
    He continued: "It's a good first step, but when jurors are stuck in federal grand jury twice a week for a year and a half, they should be paid more for their service."
    The bill is expected to be among the final major pieces of legislation to pass Congress before the fall's midterm elections.