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March 23, 2018

New U.S. tariffs on goods from China, new setbacks for the driverless car industry, and a new push to create a massive marine sanctuary: These are our top stories this Friday. We’re also quizzing your knowledge about the driest place on Earth, and we’re taking you to a frigid and hauntingly beautiful seascape.


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1. Name the largest country on Earth, where voters went to the polls on Sunday and elected to give their current president another 6-year term.

2. In what famous location are Sherpas taking on the challenging and dangerous task of cleaning up the trash left behind by visitors?

3. Bashar al-Assad, a controversial leader who recently took a tour of a war-torn area, is the president of what Middle Eastern country?

4. Name the capital of Texas, where a series of bombings were carried out this month before police caught up with a suspect.

5. In what nation (and continent) did residents of the town of Tathra have to flee to beaches or nearby towns during a sudden onslaught of bushfires?

6. “Sudan,” an elderly animal that was put to sleep this week, was the last known male of what rhinoceros subspecies?

7. During what American conflict did a wagon train reportedly disappear near Dents Run, Pennsylvania, leading treasure hunters to scour the area more than a century later?

8. Name the CEO of Facebook, who recently said his company has made mistakes when it comes to some users’ information – and promised that it wouldn’t happen again.

9. In what country did Boko Haram recently return 104 of the 110 young people that the terrorists kidnapped on February 19?

10. The Trump Administration announced Thursday that it was putting new tariffs on about $50 billion worth of goods from what country?


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