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These tech products can help revamp your small space this spring

Our criteria for choosing these six were price, functionality and compact size

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As you dive into spring cleaning, it’s a good time to reconsider your space. Are there decorative accents that can be added into your living room to make it more vibrant? Is your bedding up to snuff for the warmer weather? Have you got all the cleaning items you need to make your floors, windows and beyond sparkling?

One thing that may not be top of the mind – but should – is your tech products. Right now, there are a number of high-tech devices under $100 that can truly revamp a smaller space, such as an apartment. These products, from speaker systems to smart planters, can do everything from livening up your space aesthetically to making your day-to-day processes more hands-free.

Our main criteria for choosing these devices were price, functionality and compact size. And we chose products that are sleek enough to double as accent pieces to your home. Not only will they make your home more tech-oriented, but they’ll also give some extra edge to your interior design.

Ahead, find out which six cool (and super affordable) gadgets topped our list.

Note: The prices below reflect the listed retailer’s price on the date this article was published.

Polk Audio BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker ($23.93;

Life is all about the little things – your daily shower karaoke sessions being one of them. With a tiny, but mighty, shower speaker, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite songs and playlists at full volume without the tracks ever sounding watered down. We, along with over 400 Amazon customers, are fans of Polk’s Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker, which features versatile attachments that allow you to control where you keep the device. Attach it to your shower rod, suction cup it to your wall; sky’s the limit. Its overall design is equally impressive. The speaker is waterproof, shockproof and dirtproof, so you won’t have to worry if it takes a fall or is submerged. And for under $25, it features solid audio quality and Bluetooth capabilities. We’re also fans of its six colorful designs, which are perfect for spring.

Click and Grow The Smart Garden 3 ($99.95;

When we tested out Click and Grow’s Smart Garden 3, we quickly realized the device is a serious game-changer when it comes to your kitchen. This relatively small smart planter makes growing herbs and vegetables more hands-free; a fitted LED light turns on and off to give the plants the right about of “sunlight,” a water tank controls how much water the plants get, and its smart soil technology controls the nutrients and oxygen level. That means that you can grow fresh herbs and veggies in your home with minimal effort – the most you’ll have to do is set up the device, plug it in and refill the water tank when it’s running low. Plus, the added touch of fresh produce in your home will easily liven up your kitchen space.

Amazon Echo 2nd Generation ($84.99;

In terms of voice-integrated speaker systems, it’s hard to beat Amazon’s Echo. The device, which utilizes Amazon’s Alexa technology, can let you stream music, set timers for you, read you the news and order food and other everyday essentials without your lifting a finger. But what’s really impressive is its audio capabilities; you’ll enjoy clear, booming sounds throughout your home. And its chic and compact design, which suits a variety of home setups, doesn’t hurt either.

THZY DR.J 4-Inch Mini Projector ($98.99;

Sure, your space might not be big enough to house a huge television screen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy watching movies, TV shows and more in dimensions worthy of a home theater. Miniprojectors, such as THZY’s best-selling device on Amazon, can display your favorite video and photo content at up to 170 inches. Simply connect the device to your PC, laptop, Chromebook, BluRay, DVD player or even smart device such as an iPhone or iPad, to start streaming. What’s great about this portable projector is that its compact size and minimalistic design can easily live in your tight space. It also comes with a three-year warranty with a money-back guarantee. It’s no surprise that it’s been rated an impressive 4.3 stars on Amazon.

Record Runner x UO Chrome Cordless Vinyl Player ($99;

Record players, as great as they are, are pretty clunky devices. You need room not only for the player itself, but also for the vinyls you’re collecting. To help free up space, consider a cordless player, like this nifty gadget from Record Runners. Instead of needing a giant setup, you’ll just place this funky van-shaped player directly on top of your vinyl. It will then “drive” on top of it, cranking out your favorite tunes. Now you’ll have space to focus on what really matters: your vinyl collection.

SELJE Nightstand ($61.16;

If your spring revamp includes furniture shopping, why not invest in pieces that can kill two birds with one stone? That’s exactly what the SELJE nightstand does. This little stand, which features a large fitted drawer, houses a power strip for your charger. That means you can juice up your devices directly inside or on top of your nightstand, while also storing other bedroom goods. What’s great about this piece in particular is how it helps organize your cords so everything is in one place. It makes bedside charging easier, cleaner and sleeker.