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What Trump would have to do to fire Mueller
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1. Gun debate

Republicans have warned President Trump: Don’t fire special counsel Robert Mueller. But they’re apparently not willing to put their money where their mouth is. Even as Trump keeps up personal attacks on Mueller, GOP lawmakers aren’t so hot on passing a law to protect him. Most GOP Senate leaders say legislation – including two bipartisan bills – aren’t needed because the President wouldn’t actually fire Mueller. Then, there’s Sen. Bob Corker, who said legislation to protect the special counsel should be in a must-pass bill to keep the government open past Friday.

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White House lawyer: Trump won't fire Mueller

Meanwhile, Trump continues to get more aggressive in dealing with the Russia investigation. He just hired a new personal lawyer best known for floating conspiracy theories on Fox News about the Justice Department framing the President. And for the first time, Trump’s lawyers and Mueller’s team met face-to-face last week and tried to hash out the questions that could be asked of the President in a sit-down interview.

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WaPo: Trump lawyers try to limit interview

2. Hope Hicks

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Mother in agony after airstrike kills her baby

3. Syria

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Video shows self-driving Uber hit pedestrian

4. Canada & India

Newly emboldened at the start of a second term that could see him serve for life, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave Taiwan a warning: We just might be coming for you. The island of Taiwan has been self-governed since the end of China’s civil war in 1949. The Chinese government considers it a breakaway province and has talked tough before about regaining control of it. But now that Xi can stay in power for life, he can execute longer-term strategies that could one day help China reclaim Taiwan.

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China 'firmly' opposes Taiwan Travel Act

5. West Virginia teacher strike

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Classmate: Turpin child was bullied in school


First light

The world’s last male northern white rhino has died in Kenya, meaning the subspecies only has two females left.

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Remembering Sudan, the last male northern white rhino

Treasure hunt

Everyone thought those stories about $54 million in buried Civil War gold was just a myth – until the feds started digging around the hills of northwest Pennsylvania.

Star trek

If Donald Trump can go from “The Apprentice” to the White House, Cynthia Nixon believes she can go from “Sex and the City” to the New York governor’s mansion.

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Actress announces candidacy for NY governor

Mistaken identity

Jordan Peele’s had a heck of a year. He won an Oscar and (apparently) made a game-winning shot in the NCAA tourney, according to fans who mistook him on social media for Michigan’s Jordan Poole.

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How Jordan Peele turned his fear into success

When the music stops

Fifth Harmony is going away for a while, so reach out and console the Harmonizers in your life. 


$37 billion

That’s how much value Facebook lost after word got out that a data firm linked to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign accessed info on 50 million Facebook users.

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Controversial data firm under scrutiny



Nine-time Wimbledon singles champion Martina Navratilova, describing her shock upon learning that the BBC pays her 10 times less than her fellow tennis commentator. BBC says McEnroe is on air three times as much.

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Navratilova: I earn 10x less than John McEnroe


No DVDs required

What would it have been like to stream Netflix in 1995? Fire up your dial-up modem and find out. (Click to view.)