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Trump takes a swipe at a Democratic candidate; Taylor Swift gets heat for her music video; and US Navy footage shows an unidentified flying object. These are the videos you don’t want to miss this week.

Trump jabs at Democrat

01:29 - Source: CNN
Conor Lamb reacts to Trump's dig

US Rep.-elect Conor Lamb, a Pennsylvania Democrat, said people were simply exhausted by the approach his Republican opponent and President Donald Trump took against him during the campaign.

Taylor Swift video under fire

00:56 - Source: HLN
Taylor Swift gets backlash over dance moves

The pop star’s latest video, for her song “Delicate,” is being criticized for the similarity it bears to a perfume ad.

A terrifying collision

01:02 - Source: CNN
Video shows police helicopters collide

Video just released by the National Transportation Safety Board shows the rotor blades of two police helicopters collide in 2012.

TV hosts mock Tillerson’s firing

01:26 - Source: CNN
Late night spoofs Rex Tillerson's firing

Comedians poked fun at Trump after he used a tweet to announce the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

UFO vs. US Navy?

00:45 - Source: CNN
Video shows Navy pilot's encounter with UFO

A military video from 2015 that shows unidentified aircraft has been made public, following the Pentagon’s acknowledgment last year that it had shelved an initiative devoted to identifying unknown objects in the sky.