#TBT: Trump is right to be concerned with loyalty. Just ask Caesar.

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(CNN)As it is oft noted, absolutely loyalty is one of President Donald Trump's main concerns.

Former FBI Director James Comey said that Trump straight up demanded loyalty, and we've seen public disagreements and embarrassing incidents involving Trump's administration pave the way for the oustings of two Cabinet secretaries. But, given events that occurred on this date more than 2,000 years ago, Trump might be wise to make loyalty a top concern.
Hop in the TBTime Machine and travel back to a very different and much more violent era when Julius Caesar was fatally stabbed by a group of senators, including his close friend Brutus (earning B-man a spot in the deepest circle of Hell).
Luckily, our top political officials are now very well guarded against internal and external physical threats. These days, there are consequences for literal political assassinations and even for character assassination based on lies.
    But ancient Rome and modern America do share some parallels. The ancients had been undergoing civil tensions -- albeit much bloodier, but no less contentious -- just as we debate immigration, gun control and the like. Caesar had recently become dictator for life; little more than a week ago, Trump joked about changing the rules about presidential term limits. Caesar (clearly) didn't have the Senate behind him, much like Trump on a purely political basis. Caesar was wary of the Ides of March; Trump is wary of snide remarks.
    Trump even quoted Caesar -- "Experience is the teacher of all things" -- back in 2013.
    We still remember the ultimate betrayal of history's most famous politician. The concept of loyalty in politics, and the consequences of a lack of that loyalty, has written itself into the lore and the DNA of democracy and the inherent tension that arises within any governing body.
    Trump has been confronted with a series of embarrassing spending decisions, interviews and internal scandals. Many of his closest advisers have jumped ship.
    A focus on loyalty might pull Trump's attention away from other issues or potentially color his important decisions. But, when confronted with this example, can you blame him? Watch your backs today, everyone.