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March 16, 2018

Following a report on the new sanctions that the U.S. is placing on Russia, we’re taking you to the Arctic Circle to show you how the two countries are flexing their military might. That’s followed by reports on the fall of an iconic U.S. retail company and the growing trend of “reviewing” zoo animals.


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1. Since the Korean Peninsula divided after World War II, how many U.S. presidents have met with the leader of North Korea?

2. Following a deadly shooting at a high school last month, Florida’s governor signed a law that allows specially trained teachers to carry firearms and restricts new firearm sales to what minimum age?

3. What nation recently said it had successfully tested a hypersonic missile, though the U.S. is skeptical about whether the weapon is actually operational?

4. What is the only nation on Earth where women are not allowed to drive, though the country is set to change that within months?

5. During World War II, America’s secretive “23rd Headquarters Special Troops” were also known by what two-word name?

6. If the U.S. Senate confirms Mike Pompeo, he’ll replace Rex Tillerson in what position of the U.S. government?

7. As featured on Wednesday’s show, a border measuring 1,954 miles separates what two Western countries?

8. Name the prime minister of the United Kingdom, who announced on Wednesday that 23 Russian diplomats would be expelled from Britain following the poisoning of a former Russian spy.

9. Name the world-renowned physicist (as well as cosmologist, mathematician and author) who died on Wednesday at age 76.

10. What U.S. retail company said it was closing all of its stores in America and laying off 31,000 employees, though some of the business’ locations in other countries could be saved?


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