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California student: Parkland inspired us
01:50 - Source: HLN
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Students at Granada Hills Charter High School in Los Angeles County walked out of class and to the football field, where they laid down to spell out “#Enough.”

Except for the occasional ringing of a gong, there was silence.

“We’re tired of being scared to come to school and we’re tired of worrying about what if someone comes into our classroom right now while we’re trying to learn,” student Ben Ramirez, 18, told HLN. “This should be a place of safety and a place to explore ourselves. Not a place to worry about are we going to come home at the end of the day.”

Students spell out enough

“We students … We don’t wanna be scared of gun violence,” Lexi Hopp, a junior, told CNN.

“Even though we are far away, we wanted to participate and use our voice,” she added, referring to Parkland, Florida.