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MXditect's wireless Bluetooth headphones ($29.99; are a fan favorite

The headphones feature long battery life, stellar sound and a 5-star Amazon rating

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Shopping for a pair of headphones sounds easy, but it’s a bit harder than you might think. You’ll want a pair that can give you stellar audio quality, long battery life and an ergonomic design, and for athletes, ones that are sweat- and water-resistant. Plus there’s also the price tag to keep in mind. This makes shopping for a standout pair of everyday Bluetooth buds pretty tricky.

To find a reliable pair that can withstand your day-to-day activity, from your commute to your weight training sessions, we turned to the comments section. There you’ll find honest reviews, photos and testimonials on the products you’re scoping out. You’ll rest easy knowing that hundreds, if not thousands, of past shoppers have already put a pair of headphones through the wringer.

Take Amazon, for example, where you’ll find a reviews from customers ranking their past purchases on a 5-star scale. And while it’s unusual to find a pair of headphones – or any product – that has won over all of its past shoppers, scoring a 5-star rating, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Case in point: MXditect’s Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ($29.99; This pair has received a perfect rating from 537 customers. Many have noted that it boasts high-quality sounds, which are ideal for travelers, gamers and audiophiles, and has a comfortable design.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “These high quality ear phones work great! The earphones block out sounds in the surrounding environment while allowing you to listen to music, audio books, podcasts, etc. The sound is crisp and clear with no static or distortions. The earplugs fit into the ear comfortably.”

The rave reivews are due to the headphones’ premium features, which include a compatible design that works with most cell phones, tablets and Bluetooth-enabled devices, a built-in magnet that can attach the headphones around your neck like a necklace to prevent tangling, a six-hour battery life on a single charge, and ergnomic silicone earbuds. They’re water-resistant, making them a solid choice for those who want a pair to use while they’re on the move.

But of course, the real piece de resistance is the price. At just $30, they’re far more affordable than many high-end headphones out there, but can deliver the same punch. Tack on the Amazon Prime free shipping, and it’s safe to say these buds are a complete steal.

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