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Easter basket gift ideas for small kids.

We rounded up a variety of fun gifts divided by interests.

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Easter can be such a fun (and festive) time. Whether your holiday involves decorating eggs or going on an Easter egg hunt, this cheery day offers an awesome opportunity to spend time with those you love.

For a lot of kids, the best part comes when they can finally peer into their Easter baskets. Is it candy, a fun toy, clothes or a game? No matter the outcome, it’s usually something exciting chosen by their parents (or the Easter Bunny) that matches their personality.

We’ve rounded up several gift ideas for children that suit a variety of interests. Does he or she like Star Wars, sports, games, animals? We’ve found something fun from trusted retailers that your child will love. Just be sure to double-check the recommended age range for each toy before purchasing.

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Note: the prices below reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.

For kids who love Star Wars

1. Star Wars: Rogue One 12” scale Darth Vader Figure ($8.89;

2. Play-Doh Star Wars BB-8 and R2-D2 ($16.99;

3. The Star Wars Little Golden Book Library ($21.72;

4. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Speeder Bike and Biker Scout ($19.97;

5. Star Wars Chewbacca Pillow Buddy ($17.83;

For kids who love sports

1. Little Tikes TotSports Grab ‘n Go Golf ($27.98;

2. NightBall Basketball ($24.99;

3. Baseball Bat Glove And Soft Ball Safety Colorful Sports Toy Set ($22.99;

4. Classic Toss and Catch Sports Game Set for Kids with Bean Bag Ball ($7.99, originally $9.95;

For kids who love games

1. Stack The Carrots Game ($27.50;

2. Charades for Kids ($16.27;

3. Let’s Go Fishin’ ($6.49;

4. ‘Puppy Pursuit’ Game Set ($29.99;

For kids who love arts and crafts

1. Crayola 128-Piece Letter Magnet Set ($8.99;

2. Fingerprint Art Set ($13.75;

3. ALEX Toys Craft Giant Art Jar ($19;

4. Crayola Inspiration 140-Piece Art Case ($16.50;

For kids who love animals

1. Melissa & Doug Unisex Children’s Farm Friends Hand Puppets ($17.24;

2. Farm Animals Playset ($11.95;

3. JOON Bobo The Elephant Stuffed Animal ($29;

4. My Animal World Sticker Activity Set ($10;

5. Vintoys Stuffed Cat Pillow ($29.99;