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March 9, 2018

On this Friday’s show, you’ll hear about new import tariffs announced by the U.S. government, including why they’re controversial and when they’ll take effect. We’re exploring Jupiter with a NASA spacecraft and explaining daylight-saving time with a CNN meteorologist. And we’re examining the challenges of making fake currency the legal way.


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1. Name the type of storm that typically strikes part of the U.S. between September and April, carries winds of 58 miles per hour or more, and can cause beach erosion and coastal flooding.

2. What kind of animal, which is called a raft on water and a waddle on land, was recently discovered living in a huge colony on an Antarctic island?

3. A dictator, a national security leader, and a national intelligence leader met earlier this week for historic, high-level talks between what two countries?

4. The USS Carl Vinson recently anchored off the coast of what country, which used to be an enemy of the U.S.?

5. In what U.S. state did an educators’ strike come to an end after teachers and other state employees were given a five percent raise and a pledge concerning health insurance?

6. Name the U.S. aircraft carrier that was sunk during World War II and was recently discovered in the Coral Sea.

7. Scientists like Miranda Wang are working on solutions to break down and convert what type of material, which is estimated to take hundreds of years to decompose in the environment?

8. What kind of item was recently discovered in western Australia almost 132 years after it was released from a German ship?

9. Name the two metals that will be subject to new import tariffs in the U.S., following an announcement made by President Donald Trump on Thursday.

10. Name the NASA spacecraft that’s gathering new information about Jupiter in an effort to help scientists better understand the massive planet.


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