A poetic tribute to Dr. Seuss on his birthday

(CNN)Today's a day to celebrate

The work of someone gone but great.
Come on now, don't be obtuse,
Let's all give thanks to Dr. Seuss.
    His name was Theodor Seuss Geisel
    Dr. Seuss reads to kids in 1957.
    And all the kids they think he's swell.
    Born March 2, 1904
    His family, they brewed beer and more.
    By high school he was doing art
    His cartoon style set him apart.
    Soon our Ted was a Dartmouth grad
    He paid his rent by drawing ads
    For Standard Oil and NBC,
    But bigger fame came next, you see.
    The tickled tots, they took a look
    When Ted, he turned to children's books.
    "The Cat in the Hat" and "Hop on Pop"
    Once he started, he couldn't stop.
    "Yertle the Turtle," "The Lorax" too
    A fish of red, a fish of blue.
    Our favorite lines we loved to quote
    "Could you, would you with a goat?"
    Sneetches, Horton, Gerald McGrew
    Don't forget Thing One and Thing Two.
    Or, of course, the Griggolupp
    Like Seuss would do, I made that up.
    Ted's loyal readers didn't flinch
    When they met the mean old Grinch.
    The green one stole poor Whoville's Yule
    Their spirit made him feel a fool.
    The movie version was not so merry
    Despite the grimace of Jim Carrey.
    And at the risk of being contrary
    Mike Myers' "Cat" was truly scary.
    It's not Ted's fault they weren't so fun
    Because he died in '91.
    So let's pour a glass of milk, or juice
    And raise a toast to Dr. Seuss.