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March 2, 2018

China’s coal conundrum leads off today’s show. You’ll see how a relatively cheap fossil fuel is both highly pollutive to the environment – and depended upon by low-income residents. We’re also looking into how electronic media can be addictive and what’s being done to raise awareness about the issue.


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1. Which major U.S. political party recently released a controversial memo, saying it refutes a previous memo related to an investigation of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign?

2. Name the second-most populated city of South Africa, which could run out of water this summer if it doesn’t receive significant rainfall before then?

3. In what city, which previously hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, will the next Winter Games be held in 2022?

4. Following a change announced this week by China’s government, what will be the new term limit for President Xi Jinping?

5. In what U.S. state were schools recently closed for days because of a strike by teachers and other school employees, who demonstrated for higher wages and better benefits?

6. This week, the U.S. government announced it was creating a task force to address what issue, which causes tens of thousands of deaths each year?

7. The World Health Organization notes that about 28 percent of the global population lacks access to what resource in their homes?

8. According to Thursday’s show, where could an international conflict break out that may kill no one but affect almost everyone?

9. More than 60 percent of China’s energy comes from what fossil fuel, which is inexpensive to produce but also pollutive to the environment?

10. According to Common Sense Media, what percentage of American teenagers report feeling addicted to mobile devices?


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