Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed on CNN today:

-- President Donald Trump announced the United States will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum next week, a highly controversial action that directly takes on the No. 1 steel exporter, China. The Dow dropped after Trump's announcement.
-- Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed the country developed a new "invincible" missile that could pierce US defenses, and touted his firepower with a concept video of nuclear warheads raining down on Florida.
-- Lookout Northeast: Another bomb cyclone is headed your way this weekend. (Good thing it's a new month in streaming.)
    -- On the heels of what was a "surreal" meeting between Trump and a bipartisan group of lawmakers, GOP Sen. Marco Rubio announced his own plan for gun safety, while the Senate majority leader stayed mum on the topic.
    -- Ben Carson said he wants the $31,000 furniture order canceled, saying he was "surprised as anyone" about the order.
    -- The trial for the widow of the Pulse nightclub shooter opened with jury selection.
    -- West Virginia public schools are closed despite a deal that was supposed to end the strike.
    -- China briefly banned the letter "n."
    -- Oprah's baby gift to Mindy Kaling required a U-Haul.
    -- Something to think about before you snap that next selfie: It could make your nose look 30% bigger.