Six days a week, a suburban mom drives a pickup truck to inner-city Detroit dropping off whatever's needed

Erica Guido helped Eric Haley and Quantay Mendoza, who later decided to help Guido with deliveries.

(CNN)Erica Guido lives in one of Detroit's most affluent suburbs. But she spends most of her time in the city's poorest areas, distributing life's necessities. Whether it's hot meals, clothing or furniture, this 39-year-old mother of two delivers -- literally.

'We'll bring it to you'

For Guido, giving is part of her DNA.
    When a friend asked her to provide moral support to a woman in need, she jumped at the opportunity.
    "I called her and found out she was homeless, so I reached out to my community," Guido said.
    A recipient poses with a home-cooked meal provided by Erica Guido.
    She collected enough furniture to fill her garage and a room inside her house.
    "I had people coming and dropping things off and donating money and just wanting to support her."
    But at the last minute, the woman refused help.
    A family receives clothing donations delivered by Guido.
    "So I thought, 'My God what am I going to do with all this stuff?'"
    She decided to take the items to Capuchin Services Center Warehouse, a local organization that helps struggling families. While Guido's truck was being unloaded, a woman approached her and asked for an upholstered chair in the back.
    "She had no means to deliver because most organizations do not deliver. So I said, 'We'll bring it to you.'"
    Guido discovered the woman had more needs. She took down a list, created a private Facebook group and asked friends to donate the items.
    "That's when i