Anti-Semitic incidents surged nearly 60% in 2017

Updated 11:48 AM ET, Wed February 28, 2018

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(CNN)Anti-Semitic incidents in the US surged nearly 60% in 2017, driven in part by an increase in such cases in schools and college campuses, a new report says.

It's the largest single-year increase on record -- and every state reported at least one incident for the first time since at least 2010.
In its annual audit, the Anti-Defamation League found 1,986 cases of harassment, vandalism or physical assaults against Jews and Jewish institutions last year.
That's up from the 1,267 incidents reported in 2016.

The reason

It's difficult to explain why anti-Semitic incidents increased because the perpetrators in many cases are still unknown, Aryeh Tuchman, associate director for the ADL's Center on Extremism, said. But he does suspect the current mood in the US has made it easier for those incidents to occur.
    "We're definitely in a period in our country where there's a general decrease in civility," Tuchman said. "People in the past who have tamped down their anti-Semitic proclivities may feel more liberated to express them than before."

    The incidents

    There were 1,986 incidents in all of 2017, including:
    • 1,015 cases of harassment
    • 952 cases of vandalism
    • 19 cases of assault
    There were 1,267 incidents in all of 2016, including:
    • 721 cases of harassment and threats
    • 510 cases of vandalism
    • 36 cases of physical assault
    The 1,015 cases of harassment in 2017 include a series of 163 bomb threats made against Jewish community centers and other institutions early in the year. A Jewish teenager was later arrested in connection with the threats. Excluding those threats, the number of harassment cases was 852, still an increase from the 721 reported in 2016.

    The instances

    The report includes an extensive list of the hateful acts that Jews all over the country experienced throughout the year.
    Here are just some of those incidents: