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Have you heard of zoodles —zucchini “noodles”? If you have an Instagram, follow health and wellness blogs, or adhere to a paleo-style diet, chances are you have.

Zucchini noodles are exactly what they sound like: a zucchini is cut into thin, noodle-like curls using an appliance called a spiralizer. Once they’re cooked in boiling water or sautéed on the stove, these nutritious (and low-carb) zoodles serve as a pasta replacement.

In recent years, the zucchini noodle craze has taken off, and kitchen appliance brands far and wide have produced a range of spiralizers so you can concoct this healthy pasta alternative at home. Our favorite product for making zoodles also happens to be an Amazon best-selling product: The Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer ($27.99, originally $49.99; And, with close to 10,000 Amazon reviews giving this product a 4.6- out of 5-star rating, we’re pretty certain you’ll love how it functions, too.

PHOTO: Amazon

This Spiralizer five-blade model makes the zoodle-making process easy. With a stronger blade than ever before, this new and improved 2017 model was designed to cut through all veggies — even tough root vegetables — so that you can switch up the types of produce used to create pasta alternatives at home. Should you run out of recipe ideas, purchasing this product also guarantees you access to three exclusive e-books full of zoodle recipes so that you can regularly change up your veggie-based meals.

For those who like to cook, zucchini noodles serve as a great base food for dreaming up fun, healthy recipes. To get you started, we’d suggest checking out this recipe for zucchini noodles with turkey meatballs. A simple Google search will provide a whole host of zoodle recipe ideas so that you (and your family) never get bored in the kitchen.

Not sure you’re ready to invest in the real deal five-blade appliance? You can also test out zoodles using this smaller version of a spiralizer ($14.95; While more compact and affordable, this spiralizer requires you to crank out zoodles at a slower pace by hand — rather than using the convenient turn handle on the bigger appliance. But if you want to give the zoodle trend a test run before committing, this product certainly gets the job done and saves you precious cabinet space in the process.

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