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Brianna Keilar challenges GOP lawmaker over Delta discount claims

(CNN)CNN's Brianna Keilar pressed Georgia State Sen. Michael Williams for evidence after he suggested Delta offers discounts to Planned Parenthood.

"If they're [Delta] gonna pull the discount for NRA members, why not pull it for Planned Parenthood?" Williams asked Tuesday on "CNN Newsroom."
The Republican is opposed to Delta receiving tax breaks in the wake of the airline ending its corporate partnership with the National Rifle Association. In making his case, he cited the nonprofit as a "left organization" currently receiving a discount from Delta, as the gun lobby group is poised to lose its discount. However, there's no evidence to support Williams' claim.
"Where are you getting that, that Delta gives a discount to Planned Parenthood members?" Keilar asked her guest.
    Williams, who is running for Georgia governor, told Keilar that "other senators, as well as myself, we looked it up on Google."
    "We looked it up as well," replied Keilar, "and it doesn't appear, after some digging, that we were able to determine that that is actually factual."
    Wiliams told the anchor he didn't know the exact source but his campaign would respond later with additional detail. As of publishing, CNN had not heard back from Williams.
    While big brands and major companies -- including Delta, Hertz and MetLife -- put an end to discount programs previously available to NRA members, GOP lawmakers in the Peach State feel the NRA has been unfairly singled out.
    In response to the Georgia-based airline ending its corporate sponsorship with the NRA, the state's Republicans have threatened to kill a bill that would grant Delta a tax break on jet fuel. It's a development that would cost the airline tens of millions of dollars.
    Delta's move comes in response to the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and the company is being lauded for its social consciousness. A collection of states -- including Virginia, New York and Washington -- have all cleared Delta to land in their backyards if it chooses to move its headquarters from Georgia.