Quincy Jones sorry for his lack of filter in two viral interviews

Quincy Jones

(CNN)Quincy Jones might be an 85-year-old musical legend with nothing to prove, but that doesn't mean he isn't still learning from his mistakes.

The musician on Thursday apologized for a string of headline-making recent interviews that he said were full of "bad-mouthing" and "inexcusable."
The interviews Jones referenced were with GQ and Vulture. In the chats, Jones was candid about his feelings about Taylor Swift ("We need more songs, man. F---ing songs, not hooks."), Paul McCartney ("the worst bass player I ever heard") and Michael Jackson (whom he called "greedy"), among others.
He also caused controversy in speaking about alleged sexual relations between legendary Hollywood figures.
    Jones said it was a conversation with his daughters that opened his eyes to the error of his ways.
    "I have LEARNED MY LESSON," he wrote in a note posted to social media. "I am an imperfect human & I'm not afraid to say it."
    Of course, Jones, as we've learned, isn't afraid to say anything.