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February 23, 2018

This Friday, we’re reporting on mixed messages coming out of Nigeria concerning an apparent terrorist attack, and we’re bringing you up to date on a mass kidnapping that occurred there in 2014. That’s followed by some varying perspectives of students and parents concerning a recent school shooting in Florida. And we’re featuring a Great Big Story on the “mermaids” who gather food the old-fashioned way on an Asian island.


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1. A U.S. federal grand jury recently indicted 13 citizens and three companies from Russia for allegedly interfering with what event?

2. In an effort to protect American manufacturers, the Trump Administration is considering new tariffs on imports of what two metals?

3. In what they say is a world first, scientists in Antarctica have attached a camera to what specific kind of whale?

4. Name the capital of Syria, where fighting has taken a toll on civilians despite the establishment of a “de-escalation zone” in Eastern Ghouta.

5. Name the president of Venezuela, whose government announced the sale of a cryptocurrency in an effort to prop up the nation’s failing economy.

6. What nation is home to Kanchi Maya Tamang, who apparently escaped modern-day slavery and climbed the world’s tallest mountain to raise awareness about human trafficking?

7. Name the Christian religious leader known as “America’s Pastor” who passed away this week after decades of preaching to hundreds of millions worldwide.

8. A terracotta warrior, which was recently damaged while on display at a U.S. museum, is part of the ancient heritage of what nation?

9. In what African nation is the Boko Haram terrorist group suspected of carrying out a mass kidnapping similar to one it conducted in 2014?

10. Name the largest island of South Korea, where some women carry out a centuries-old tradition of freediving to gather seafood from the ocean floor.


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