CNN —  

Here’s what you might have missed on CNN today:

– President Trump disparaged “gun-free school zones” as he met with officials to discuss how to prevent school massacres, and suggested teachers who undergo gun training could get bonuses. Trump also said he supports raising the gun purchase age to 21, ending the sale of bump stocks, and opposes “active shooter drills.”

– Police braced for a shootout with the gunman behind the Florida school shooting. It turns out, security footage was on a 26-minute delay and the shooter was already gone.

– NRA chief Wayne LaPierre delivered a blistering speech at CPAC, accusing Democrats of pushing a socialist agenda to deprive Americans of the right to bear arms. And an NRA spokesperson said many in “legacy media” love mass shootings.

– Trump is considering punishing California by withdrawing ICE agents from the state.

– YouTube and Facebook were forced to issue mea culpas for the spread of conspiracy theories. Again.

– The United Nations is mulling action in Syria as deaths rise in an eastern suburb that one chief describes as “hell on Earth.”

– Watch out for the cryptojackers: These hackers take over computers to make some serious digital coin.

– A suspicious package sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is being treated as a racist hate crime.

– Kylie Jenner can influence people – and markets.