Man dies after throwing explosive device at US Embassy in Montenegro

Police block off the area around the US Embassy in Montenegro's capital of Podgorica early Thursday.

(CNN)A man died after attempting to throw a grenade over the wall of the US Embassy early Thursday in Montenegro's capital of Podgorica, authorities said.

A grenade appeared to have gone off as it was thrown into the air, and the man detonated a second device that killed him, police said, calling the death a suicide.
The man's body was found 100 feet from the embassy's wall, according to Steve Goldstein, US undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs. The man's motive for throwing the device was unclear, Goldstein said.
One grenade was thrown into the embassy courtyard, while a second one killed the unidentified male, according to the government of the Balkan country.
    In a statement, Montenegrin police confirmed they had found the "lifeless body of an unidentified male."
    Police guard the entrance to the US Embassy compound in Podgorica after Thursday's explosion.