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February 16, 2018

We begin today with a look at some of the different responses to Wednesday’s shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. That’s followed by an explanation of how full Internet access, different types of music, and diverse faces are probably new sights to certain Olympians. And we’re featuring a Great Big Story about the [likely] history of one of America’s favorite snack foods.


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1. What nation, which views Kurdish fighters in Syria the same way it views Kurdish separatists inside its borders, recently sent troops into Syria to target Kurdish militia there?

2. A recent, $300 billion deal in the U.S. government sets aside about $165 billion for what?

3. What nation hosted the 1924 “International Winter Sports Week,” which eventually became known as the Winter Olympics?

4. What is the technical term for a 10 percent decline in the U.S. stock market from a recent high?

5. What company announced that it was raising entrance fees to its U.S. theme parks, citing the need to “spread attendance” throughout the year as one reason for the change?

6. Name the former president of South Africa, who gave into pressure from his political party to resign this week.

7. In what country, the poorest in the Western Hemisphere, did the exploitation of children in orphanages recently come to light?

8. A high school in Illinois was recently awarded Guinness World records for having the highest number of what in a single class?

9. In what country does the world’s largest, annual human migration take place for an event known as Lunar New Year?

10. According to CNN’s Will Ripley: A high-speed train, full internet access, diverse faces and music, and a wide selection of stores are probably new sights to Olympians from what country?


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