CNN —  

Here’s what you might have missed on CNN today:

– This is a really bad year for the flu. The first human case of the H7N4 strain of avian flu has been reported in China.

– Three more states announced that they will investigate Aetna after a stunning admission from a former medical director.

– Former White House aide Rob Porter told his ex-wife about his security clearance being “delayed,” in part because of concerns that he might be “violent.” At least 100 White House officials served with “interim” security clearances until November 2017, more than a year after Trump was elected.

– Russia is now the one yelling interference. The country says it has proof of Western influence in its upcoming election.

– South Africa has a new president.

– A massive sinkhole prompted evacuations in Rome.

– McDonald’s is taking cheeseburgers out of the Happy Meal by 2022.

– Devastated parents in South Florida are having to face the unthinkable this weekend – burying their teenage children who were gunned down at school.