4 video moments that capture the terror of the Florida school shooting

Updated 1:09 PM EST, Thu February 15, 2018
CNN —  

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida is still reeling from a shooting Wednesday that left 17 people dead. These video moments, some captured on cellphones, show what that terrifying afternoon was like.

Students hide

00:39 - Source: CNN
Video shows students hiding as shots are fired

A student posted this video to social media showing his peers hiding in a classroom while the gunman opened fire.

Police storm into classroom

01:00 - Source: CNN
Video shows moment police enter classroom

A student captured the moment police entered a classroom of terrified kids after the deadly massacre.

Students flee to safety

01:43 - Source: CNN
Student witness: I heard gunshots and ran

A high schooler describes how she fled to safety in the middle of the chaos.

Emotional reunions

01:02 - Source: CNN
Mom's tearful reunion after shooting

TV cameras captured the tearful moment a mother was reunited with her student daughter outside the school.