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President Donald Trump wants to hold a military parade in Washington. Who doesn’t love a parade? They’re big, fun, usually there are snacks available nearby, and tanks are cool. The last time there was a military parade in Washington was in 1991 after the first Gulf War.

In the Instagram video above, you can see some highlights from June 8, 1991, and hear CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during the network’s parade coverage nearly 27 years ago. Equipment and members of the military marched down Constitution Avenue. President George H.W. Bush was one of an estimated 200,000 onlookers. It was very patriotic.

They even shut down Washington National Airport so that the military could conduct a simultaneous air show. Did I mention that parades are also sometimes inconvenient? Who cares? Jets are cool! You can see in the video that Bush also thought so.

The best part of the 1991 parade was that no piece of equipment went unappreciated. Blitzer and his co-host remark on how they even rolled out a tractor trailer.

“Certainly, the Marine Corps does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings by avoiding any equipment,” Blitzer said.

The Gulf War was also the first in which the US deployed some of the technology that we take as givens today, including drones.