Cool and quirky dress socks that will jazz up any business casual look

Anna Hecht, CNN Underscored
Thu February 8, 2018

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  • Shop these stylish men's dress socks to wear with any business casual look.

Just because business casual attire has to look professional doesn't mean it has to be boring. Once you're in your dress shirt and slacks (or whatever is appropriate for your place of business), the fun can begin. Often, the easiest way to liven up your look is by adding fun accessories and details. A colorful tie, flashy watch or special cufflinks could do the trick.

The trend, though, that we've been noticing is patterned (and often colorful) dress socks. It's the perfect way to accessorize, even if your company has a more conservative office environment. While dress socks are often hidden under tailored slacks, the reveal of a funky pair becomes the pop to an otherwise conservative wardrobe.

In recent years, fashionable socks in bold designs have had a place in most brand accessory lines, since many men are opting for patterned socks over plain ol' black and gray.

To find a pair that suits your aesthetic, scroll through the options below. Pair them with your best suit and have a bit of fun with fashion.

NFL dress socks (starting at $10.99;


Calling all football enthusiasts! This affordable NFL-themed pairs feature sporty designs and ribbed cuffs for a comfortable fit. They're made from a soft acrylic-polyester blend, and you'll want to wear them with your Sunday best - cause Sunday equals game day.

Dressed Circuit Sock ($24;


For those who prefer more muted colors, this pair from Happy Socks is the bee's knees. Available right now from the Swedish retailer, these patterned socks are made from comfortable cotton and machine-washable for easy maintenance.

Pair of Thieves Socks ($5.99;


This brand, Pair of Thieves, was started by actor Cash Warren. (Yes, Jessica Alba's husband.) Available via Target for men, women and children, many pairs from the line caught our eye. For the more fashion-forward demographic, there's this cool pair for men, which comes in a geometric design that gives off tribal vibes. When you want to add a bit of color to your everyday look, these should be your go-to.

Tommy Bahama Socks Tan-Tan Print Socks ($13.75;


These are for the guy who's serious about style and feels confident making a statement. We could picture these with a pair of light gray slacks (or dark denim) and black dress shoes. But, of course, fashion is subjective! Get yourself a pair and start experimenting.

Tropical Socks ($19.95;


Another stylish option, this pair by Bugatchi has an eye-catching pattern that's both playful and sophisticated. The perfect match to denim or dress pants, these socks can be dressed up or down, no matter the occasion. Made in Italy from a blend of cotton, nylon and elastane, this comfy pair is of highest quality.

Tropical Hibiscus Socks ($13.75;


Tommy Bahama knocks it out of the park in the sock department. This pair, featuring a tropical pattern, works as a bright and cheery addition to traditionally dull work clothes. With a pop of color at the heel and toe, plus the brand's logo on the bottom, this sock was meant for classy affairs with a bit of added flair.