Why are these African crocodiles orange?

Published 4:05 AM ET, Wed February 7, 2018
orange crocodiles gabon 1orange crocodiles gabon 1
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These orange cave-dwelling crocodiles, which can be found in the Abanda caves in a remote region in Gabon, could be mutating into a new species. They were first discovered in 2009. Olivier Testa
It remains a mystery why the crocodiles are orange, but scientists best guess is that acidic bleaching from bat feces could be the cause. Olivier Testa
Tasty? The orange crocodiles think so. Their diet mainly consists of bats and crickets, different to forest crocodiles. Olivier Testa
The chest of the crocodile. Most African dwarf crocodiles are a grayish color. Olivier Testa
The orange crocodiles were some of largest dwarf crocodiles expert Matt Shirley had ever found, at 1.7 meters. Olivier Testa
A juvenile crocodile being documented. Olivier Testa